Customer Testimonials


frame2I called around so many places asking if they can install nose pads onto my zyl frames, and this was the only place that told me they could! I never got the chance to ask the lady’s name at the counter, but she was very friendly…I was told it would take an hour, but got my frames back within 20 minutes or less! I actually didn’t mind the wait at all cause it was so hot outside, and they had the AC on ūüôā ¬†Anyway, I will definitely be coming back to them in the future…awesome customer service and I’m just so grateful I can finally wear my Raybans comfortably! ¬†If you ever need any repairs done, I highly ¬†recommend their services!!

"Jahmae P." - Crockett, CA


Just when I thought all was lost I found All American Eyeglass Repair. I saw that they take shipments and checked yelp for reviews and found all of the awesomeness was happening in Hayward, CA.

He saved not one but two pairs of my glasses…all the way from Philadelphia!!!

Ok so this story is a long one but I just had to write a review because of how awesome the technician Jesse is. 

I had a fantastic pair of Chanel glasses that I brought from a boutique in Philly in 2008 that I literally wore to pieces. They had Swarovski crystal CC logos on both of the arms… almost all the crystals were gone and some green kinda rust filled each of the vacant holes. An arm was broken off completely and the lenses were scratched beyond belief. I filed them away in 2011 because I keep everything (hoarder?) but Ioved them deeply and they were one of the first presents my husband brought me. I knew they would probably never see my face again but at almost $500 bucks and the added sentimental value I held on to a glimmer of hope.

I’ve brought many pairs of glasses since and each one by either me ( maybe one of my ears is lopsided idk lol) or by my 3 year old (playing with mommy’s glasses) we would manage to break an arm. It would always be at the spring hinge. I would just throw each pair of them away because every time I would bring them into a store I would hear the same story “sorry miss these can’t be fixed”.

It was my last pair that broke that had me thinking there must be a better way. I searched high and low for a place local that could fix them. Nobody could do it. Not one. I searched the internet, found some scammy repair people and avoided those like the plague (thanks yelpers for the heads up). But just when I thought all was lost I found All American Eyeglass Repair. I saw that they take shipments and checked yelp for reviews and found all of the awesomeness was happening in Hayward, CA.

I called Jesse and I found that he could fix that spring hinge with no problem. I then ran to the box in the back of my closet where my favs were kept for years and asked could he fix those too. He said sure. Price …wait for it… $35 for each hinge! I almost shed a tear. He said he could try and replace the crystals and lenses too!¬†

frameWithin about a weeks working time minus shipping both ways my precious Chanel glasses were looking brand new. No really. He even cleaned the rusty junk out of each individual crystal and replaced them all for NO CHARGE!!! He gave me half price on the other hinge of my other glasses and didn’t even charge me for scratch coating on either of the lenses!!!! A total of about $200 spent for 2 pairs of glasses with brand new lenses in each. I couldn’t thank him enough! He truly is such a wonderful tech and he did everything to make my glasses look awesome! The repair is of excellent quality ¬†and his service was beyond outstanding! If I could give 10 stars I would. Thanks Jesse again all the way from Philly. I’ll send all of my glasses to you!

"Jazmine G." - Philadelphia


Over the years, these guys have repaired my glasses in both Modesto and Stockton. They can weld Titanium. One time mine broke and they welded it a second time for free. Just the best service you can get. I am on the way over to have them repair my 1/2 frame reading glasses. Fair Prices, quick service, very knowledgeable..

"Hiker Biker" - California