Titanium Frame Repair

All American Eyeglass Repair has created several repair techniques to fix nearly all Titanium frames on the market. We have devised several methods that allow us to repair Titanium frames with an end result of maximum durability and minimal visibility of the repaired area. Regardless of how thin or colorful the titanium metal is, we guarantee our finished product is the best repair you have ever seen.

Many repair facilities are not capable of repairing Titanium or will tell you that this metal is not repairable. All American can assure you that we can repair your Titanium frame. There is a reason that over a half-dozen repair shops around the country send their Titanium frames to us to repair.



This three piece drill mount (picture above) has a broken post that is still lodged inside the lens. We have removed, repaired, and mounted the frame so that it is ready to wear and unnoticeable from the outside. At All American Eyeglass Repair, we see this break nearly everyday and have repaired this for walk-in customers, optical laboratories, and even other repair shops across the country.

Brands We Service:

Maui Jim, Ray Ban, Oakley, Chanel, Versace, Bvlgari, Tom Ford, Silhouette, Nike, Tag Heuer, Anne Klein, Cazal, Caviar, Safilo, Guess, Harley-Davidson, Pro Design, Vera Wang,, Tura, Modo, Oliver Peoples, Persol, Joseph Abboud, Ogi, & Marc Ecko. Please click here for our complete list of brands.

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What People Are Saying…

stars Added 02-03-2017

Had titanium framed bifocals, and one of the temples broke at the hinge. The only place near to me was mail-in only, so I drove to Bellevue. The work couldn’t have been better. New hinge laser-welded to the temples, also replaced the nose pads and temple covers. Took 45 minutes.

Also, very relaxed, friendly dog.

I would definitely go back there again if needed, and highly recommend them. And if anyone tells you titanium can’t be fixed, scoff in their general direction, tell them their mother smelt of elderberries, and head over to All American to get it properly fixed.


~Patrick M., Edmonds, WA