Serengeti Repair Services


Do you need your Serengeti frame repair done on time? Trust us with your frame repairs. We assure you a fast and excellent service.

Serengeti is a world’s famous brand, especially among off-road drivers. The name has been in existence for over 30 years. Serengeti glasses are manufactured using a patented technology that guarantees drivers comfort and style while maintaining a clear vision ahead. The luxury eyewear brand is also known to deliver a specific beauty and sophistication that never seems to fade.

Serengeti focuses on making eyewear that protects your eyes from excessive lighting. The glasses are built to adapt to changing light conditions perfectly. Serengeti is the pioneer in photochromic eyewear technology. The technology enables the lenses to darken in bright sunlight or lighten in overcast conditions. The glasses can assess the amount of oncoming ultra-violet light into your eyes. Photochromic technology enables the lenses to transition from light to dark slowly. The transition leaves your eyes protected while maintaining a clear view.

NOW ACCEPTING MAIL-IN REPAIRS for Serengeti Sunglasses.

All American Eyeglass Repair appreciates your eyewear needs. Trust your broken Serengeti glasses to industry experts. We have a proven track record of customer support, attention to detail, and excellent repair services. Whether it’s your Serengeti sunglasses, designer glasses or prescription eyewear, our technicians never disappoint. We now have a mail-in repair service for all your Serengeti frames! We take pride as the fastest mail-in repair service in the business. All repairs and returns are done on the same day. We also guarantee you, free return shipping and one year warranty on the frame repair.

Serengeti was specifically created to help drivers maintain clear vision on the road. It was the first eyewear manufacturer to integrate Photochromic and Special Control technologies in a single lens. Serengeti Drivers Lens is a high-quality lens meant explicitly for drivers. Did you know that they were named as the most important new lenses for decades? Serengeti sunglasses have been listed in the top 100 products in the United States. So far, the brand has lived up to its name. It has also diversified into designer and functional eyewear categories.

You can now enjoy quality Serengeti frame repairs by competent technicians and state-of-the-art technology. Our company understands that mistakes do happen. In the event, your glasses bend or even break, All American Eyeglass Repair is always ready to take care of you. You can now mail-in your glasses and sunglasses (designer eyewear) for repairs! Fastest Mail-In Service In The Business. Same Day Turn-Around.

  • Free Return Shipping
  • One Year Warranty on the frame repair (warranty is for repaired area only)
  •  All Repairs $49 or Less (Flexon bridges and Oakley hinges are additional)





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Light can bounce off various surfaces, but when you have polarization, you can enjoy the added protection of seeing objects in their true colors. If you’re a driver, a fisherman, a hiker or person who enjoys the outdoors, add this brand to your list. If you’re looking for performance, design and high definition views, you’ve come to the right place. The colors are enhanced and the glares reduced. In addition, you get to protect your eyes with their UV ray blocking technology. If you’re looking for high quality design and style that take fashion into consideration, look no further than Serengeti eyewear. Keep your eyes sharp and your vision clear.

When you buy fashion and function together, your eyes benefit by having protection and pride in the look you can wear daily. At American Eyeglass Repair, we know that accidents happen and we’re here to fix it all when you need it the most.