Innovative New Sight Technologies Are Revolutionizing Eyeglass Wear. Are They For You?

Technology seems to be turning quicker than we can keep pace. It isn’t just our smartphones and mobile devices that are revolutionizing the way that we live. Medical advances and technologies are allowing us to live longer, enjoy a better quality of life and granting us the ability to do things that were the subject of science fiction movies just a couple of decades ago. Vision technology is among one of the areas that is exploding with innovative products that

Vision Care For Kids – Practical And Fun Tips for Your Child’s Eye Care

When one thinks of vision and eye health issues, one generally doesn’t think about infants or young children. Many children don’t have their first eye examination until they are about to or have already enrolled in school. While it is true that the majority of serious and chronic eye conditions come with aging, 5% of very young children experience significant vision problems, with as many of 25% of them doing so as they enter school full time. While those may

6 Tips on Choosing the Right Eyeglasses for your kid

As an adult you may have been wearing eyeglasses for a number of years and have come to understand what styles and brands suit you best. For a child, they will have their own views on the subject, but your experience will help guide them towards the correct choices, even more so if they are choosing their first pair. Here are six tips to assist the selection process. 1 Practical beats cute Although you may have selected their bedroom design

Parts of glasses that are easily broken and how to avoid that

Accidents happen, and where eyeglasses are involved – in most circumstances – you do not have to order a new pair as replacements every time. By identifying which parts of the eyeglasses can easily be damaged, you can learn ways to prevent the accident before it occurs. Do not sit on eyeglasses The frame and the bridge can easily be bent out of shape or broken completely, mostly by sitting on your eyeglasses. The hinges may also be damaged. Although

How to Choose Sunglasses if You Have a Glass Breaking Habit

  Some individuals are more unlucky than others. While a minority can go a lifetime never breaking their sunglasses, others need their favorite glass repair store on speed dial. When you are one of the luckless people and consistently break, bend or destroy your sunglasses, what can you do to reduce the odds of smashing yet another pair? There’s one set of rules for adults and another for children. Consider your children’s sunglasses Around 65% of US adults wear sunglasses.

10 Iconic Sunglasses of Our Era

When you consider the most favorite sunglasses from recent years, they are usually linked to the film or pop star wearing them to a glitzy event. Hollywood may choose its most iconic sunglasses by the actor or director wearing them, whereas, for everyone else, which sunglasses provided us with an awesome impression that we were soon thrilled to be seen wearing them? Sunglasses are undoubtedly an accessory that almost no one should be without. While they protect your eyes from

Play Sports While Protecting Your Eyes

Nowadays, parent, players and coaches recognize the harmful injuries that can happen when protective eyewear for sports is not worn in the field. Wearing professional eyewear in sports helps players with their vision while reducing eye injury.   What sports require protective eyewear? When it comes to eye injuries, most of the trauma happens when an individual is playing a high-risk sport. So, what exactly is a high-risk sport? Low risk sports are classified as sports that are played without

Unbreakable eyeglasses: Myths vs Facts

Whenever your eyeglasses break there is always an expert friend available to tell you how they should be repaired and which unbreakable eyeglasses you should have purchased so that the accident could never have occurred. Nevertheless, it is better to examine the myths versus the facts to know if truly unbreakable frames exist or which frames you should be purchasing, so that the risk is reduced. A fact of life that is generally true is that it is better to

5 DIY Ways of Repairing your Glasses

While the world remains populated with children, animals and adults who are occasionally clumsy and see far too many accidents, your home may become a consistent eyeglass repair shop as you seek relatively simple methods for DIY repair of your temporarily out of action eyewear. We should always have a spare set of eyeglasses available in case of accidents and problems, but most people own one set and are placed in a difficult dilemma if that one pair becomes unusable

Same Day Eyeglass Repair; Mail Your Glasses In

When your designer eyewear breaks, your first thought turns to how quickly your eyeglasses can be repaired. Fortunately, due to modern technology and high quality service, same day branded eyewear repair can be completed as professional service companies stock the parts that you require. The best titanium frames repair companies employ excellent mail-in services, with the promise of a same day turnaround. For the customer, this always makes you want to know how much the service is going to cost