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The guy work here is super friendly, answer all my question professionally and knowledgeably. The hinge of my bf’s wayfair is broken, and the repair is not cheap. $50 to melt the old hinge out and placed with a new one. I was happy with the time it took. Since I worked near by, I was able to pick it up a few hours after the drop off.

Alice C, Emeryville, CA

Came by because my staff and I couldn’t replace a temple on a spring hinge frame and then we got a screw stuck in there, and just plain needed help. We got awesome service and we refer patient to them for all sorts of things, from welding nosepads on, to welding broken bits, to fixing things that are out of our scope of fixing ability… but these are great people. :)

Judy N.Sunnyvale, CA

“I wish I could give this place 10 stars… When you walk in, you will find no frills, just amazing service and traditional business values. You will be charged rock bottom prices for repairs, which for me, were done on the spot. In my case, I had to replace a hinge screw on my Versace sunglasses. All American charged me only $2 for the repair!!!! Thank you so much!”

-Chibi F. Los Angeles, CA

Eyeglass & Sunglasses Frame Repair

50 National & Local Optical Laboratories,
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From pioneer to industry leader, AEGR’s extensive research and ample knowledge in the optical industry has translated into groundbreaking technology and a quality level of repair for your prescription glasses and sunglasses. We opened our first store in 1987 and now have 17 service centers in 7 different states. We are a family business that knows the importance of customer service and attention to detail. You can bring your broken frames to one of our repair specialists at any of our 17 locations or visit our “Mail-In” page to learn how to have your glasses sent in for ultra fast mail-in repairs.

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We are stocked with common and unique parts needed to repair your eyeglasses just in case any part was lost during damages.
Learn more about eyeglass repair...



Many sunglasses are made with custom parts (pads, bushings, screws). In most cases, All American Eyeglass Repair will carry those parts. Learn more about designer sunglasses repair...



All American Eyeglass Repair has created several repair techniques to fix nearly all Titanium frames on the market. Learn more about titanium frame repair...



Mail your glasses in from anywhere in the world! No payment is required until the job has been completed. Learn more about mail-in repairs...

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All American Eye Glass RepairThe Cost Of Repairing Prescription Eyeglasses
The average cost of new lenses (without frame and eye exam) was over $225.00 in 2012. If your frames are titanium frames the final cost will be even higher. There is a good chance that the cost of your repair will be a fraction of the cost of new frame/lens.

Most lenses sold today will have added coatings which add to the final cost of the product. Scratch coating, anti-reflective coating and higher quality lenses can add up. This is why you should consider having your frames repaired by ALL American Eyeglass Repair who is accepting mail-in repairs from around the world and has convenient eyeglass frame service centers.

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